Outsourcing is compared as a minefield where best practices are principles and guidelines, but not a universal remedy. When addressing best practices is more important to understand what could go wrong, but not a different way how a transaction can be performed. Not all best practices can be applied to all types of outsourcing projects but only a few of them, considering the fact that some best practices can disagree with others. 

Vedera takes a tailored approach to each outsourcing project with a focused approach on what can go wrong. 

Vedera can provide support to any outsourcing project, as outlined below:

Contract advisory activities

Optimising outsourcing process performance 

Dispute management

Stakeholders and obligation management

Contract drafting and negotiation 

Technology procurement strategies 

Financial and Commercial Due Diligence 

Relationship management in procurement 

Sourcing strategy and procurement process 

Value generation and procurement digitisation 

Outsourcing risk assessment and management 

Process compliance and governance 

Service level agreements management and key performance indicators 

Remote Outsourcing project management 

Vedera takes only one outsourcing project at a time striving to deliver exceptional outsourcing consultancy services and develop as your long-term outsourcing provider, supporting clients’ progression toward world-class performance.  

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