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Vedera understands that succeeding in the commercial and contract negotiation is not only to use the right template or tools but goes deep in the process of analysing the client geographical area, market and economic positioning and needs. Choosing the right strategy and template and using the right tools can only help when sufficient planning and preparation have been done. As always, fail to prepare - prepare to fail, where preparation and planning is the key, however, too often internal negotiations are much challenging due to lack of motivation by key stakeholders to collaborate. 

There is quite a lot of disruption and derailment in the negotiations between companies doing business for the first time, especially based in different geographical zones and different cultures. When this is amalgamated with the fact that key personnel is not involved in the negotiation process, clearly shows counterproductive actions, which steering to non-accomplished businesses. 

Vedera understands that the negotiation is a psychological game and driven by different behaviours and motivational aspects, where the psychological state of the negotiator plays a major role.

Vedera strive to achieve best terms and conditions for their clients and uses the seven steps negotiation framework, outlined below;

1. Preparation and planning 

 - Inclusive but not limited to; choosing the right strategy, team, agenda and SWOT analysis 

2. Relationship building programme 

- Building rapport with the party 

3. Gathering the required information

- Questionnaire, choosing/analysing the goals and targets, BATNA, ZOPA

4. Information analysis and utilisation 

- Including but not limited to; analysing personalities, offerings, trade-able issues and straw challenges. 

5. Bidding Phase

- Using negotiation tactics, persuasion methods and influencing 

6. Closing the negotiation 

- Conflict mode analysis, analysing and confirmation, game theory 

7. Deal implementation 

- Evaluating the negotiation, cultural dimensions, handover and contract management.
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