There is a long-established tradition within English and other jurisdictions to use experienced contract administrator. This especially applies to comprehensive offshore and onshore engineering construction projects. We will see that between different FIDIC Books there is a small difference between the roles of contract administrator, and even you compare the same with the Silver Book for EPC turnkey projects, the contract administrator is not compulsory at all, but the employer administers the contract
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What is the most important feature or character one needs to possess when it comes to negotiation. Someone would say, make the other side believe what we say and what we want. How would you make the other side believe what you say, so make them believe to accept it? Do you believe that? Do you know what the other side wants, why they want it and how your offer can add value to their business?
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EPC turnkey contracts are usually procured on a lump sum basis. It should be remembered, however, that the contract should include the conditions in which the variations are calculated, the formulae used and based indices, as well as in what cases a variation should occur, should a deviation from the technical specification become apparent.
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