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Vedera can provide the strategic link between legal, commercial and engineering expertise, which, alongside our deep level of understanding of commercial contracts and business relationships, means we have a unique aptitude to enable your enterprise to thrive. 

Vedera has chosen to be highly valued by its clients, and for that reason, we work only one project at a time. Vedera provides expert advice and does not over-extend its resources. We can limit our work to only projects where we provide significant value to our clients. 

Meet Vedera’s Founder and Principal Consultant 
Veselin Shivachev

Veselin thrives in the outsourcing and commercial management consulting business and is driven to support clients from a range of national and international businesses.

Since 2001, when Veselin acquired his first Master’s in mechanical engineering, he has worked around the world and been involved and leading many international projects, working with big international companies.

On completion of his second Master’s degree from City University London, Veselin entered commercial management more actively, working with both national and international businesses.

As a Commercial Manager, his responsibilities have included, but are not limited to:

  • Engaging and managing relationships between internal and external stakeholders
  • Leading big engineering projects 
  • Due Diligence (Commercial and Financial)  
  • Contracts risk management, assessment and reporting
  • Drafting and negotiating commercial contracts, amendment letters and non disclosure agreements 
  • Negotiating Commercial Contracts
  • Contracts claims and dispute resolution 
  • Strategic planning and task prioritisation
  • Contract administration and lifecycle management
  • Dealing with contractual qualifications and risk allocation.
  • Contractual Governance and Compliance  
  • Service level agreements
  • Contract sourcing and procurement strategies 
  • Project Management  

Veselin’s most recent endeavours have seen him become more involved in the legal aspects of commercial contracts, prompting him to study LLM Commercial Law.

Veselin is deeply committed to building successful and long-term business relationships.
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